Drug Designing

Alhamdulillah our drug designing department is continuously striving for the positive conclusion of our pipeline products, which are at different stages of the development.

Major steps in drug designing are as follows….

  • Literature search
  • Selection of active ingredients
  • Safety considerations
  • Efficacy evaluation
  • Chemistry
  • Pharmacology
  • Drug interactions
  • Economical presentation
  • Competitive market study
  • Pilot plant production
  • Clinical evaluation
  • Presentation (packing & packaging)
  • Marketing strategies
  • Full scale production

As it is mentioned above SAFETY is the utmost priority. Each and every formulation which has been marketed or under trials comprises of the medicinal herbs estimated, tested, trialed, and approved for the consumption

of human beings with minimum undesirable effects and maximum beneficial therapeutic activity.

It is also an important consideration to present the product witch is more cost effective and easily approachable, to achieve this target we adopt new, energetic and ethical promotional techniques as well as training sessions of the sales & marketing staff on new product and existing product updates. All our marketing managers are provided with reference manuals (keeps updated references on all the products), to be well versed and technically sound in their field.