Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1
    Can I administer Brick Colic Drops to my child whom age is under one year?

    Of course it’s absolutely safe even in neonates within prescribed dose.

  2. 2
    Can I use Brick Colic in diarrhea?

    No; it is not recommended in diarrhea.

  3. 3
    Does Brick Colic works in acidity?

    Brick Colic syrup is very helpful in mild to moderate acidity symptoms.

  4. 4
    How much is the minimum duration to repeat the dose of Brick Colic?

    If the symptoms are not properly relieved than it can be repeated even after 15 minutes but within recommended dosage.

  5. 5
    How long the treatment with Brick Colic should be continued in Dyspepsia?

    In chronic Dyspepsia, the treatment can be continued up to six weeks, and in loss of appetite it can be given for two to three weeks.

    The drug is entirely safe even if it is used for a long period with in therapeutic dose.

  6. 6
    Is Brick Colic safe for diabetics?

    Yes; Brick Colic is a sugar free product & can be given to diabetics also.

  7. 7
    Can Femina syrup be given in pregnancy?

    It is not recommended in pregnancy.

  8. 8
    If menses are controlled in 2 months then why should I continue it for 3 cycles?

    To get best results & get rid of the menstrual disorder, it should be continued for 3 cycles even the menses becomes normal during the treatment.

  9. 9
    Is it a hormonal drug?

    No; Femina syrup is a purely natural medicine, it is not a hormonal drug but it can be given with hormones as an adjuvant therapy.

  10. 10
    Does Femina syrup possess Anti Hysteric effect?

    Yes; it has a definite anti hysteric effect, by normalizing Central Nervous System.

  11. 11
    Is Pepcer safe in pregnancy?

    If the patient is Hypertensive than Pepcer should be avoided otherwise it is safe.

  12. 12
    Can we give Pepcer to the Diabetic patient?

    No; Pepcer syrup is sugar based product so it is not recommended in diabetic patients whereas Pepcer tablets can be administered.

  13. 13
    Is it useful in Ulcerative Colitis?

    Yes Its helpful in treating Ulcerative Colitis because of its principal ingredient Licorice.

  14. 14
    Does Y-Lin syrup causes sedation (sleep)?

    No, it doesn’t cause sleep.

  15. 15
    Is Y-Lin syrup is a non-opiate preparation?

    Yes, Y-Lin syrup is 100% free from opiates.

  16. 16
    Is Y-Lin syrup effective for asthma?

    Yes, Y-lin syrup is a good adjuvant therapy for asthmatic patients.

  17. 17
    Could Vigtab plus be used in azospermia (no sperm count).

    Yes, its quiet helpful in combination with vitamins.

  18. 18
    Can I take Vigtab plus as a neurotonic?

    Yes, Vigtab plus is strongly recommended as neurotonic.

  19. 19
    How much should be the duration of treatment of Vigtab plus for maximum effects in spermatogenesis?

    Treatment should be continued for consecutive three months.

  20. 20
    Does odor of garlic felt in breathing after taking Garlicon Tablets?

    No, Garlicon Tablets are enteric coated so its odor doesn’t be felt in breathing.

  21. 21
    what’s the time period for the treatment of high cholesterol with Garlicon enteric coated tablets?

    Treatment should be continued at least for 45 days before monitoring lipid levels.

  22. 22
    Does Heptolic capsules make Hepatitis B&C test; PCR negative?

    It is strongly recommended to be combined with conventional therapy to negative the PCR test, although not sufficient data  so far to support the fact that it alone cane make the PCR test negative.

  23. 23
    Can Galcistic dissolve gall stones?

    Strong evidences are there to support this claim but treatment should be consecutively taken for at least on month.

  24. 24
    Is Heptolic sufficient to treat Jaundice (hepatitis A).

    Yes, it is.