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Vigtab Plus 20’s


What is Vigtab Plus?

It’s a safe and effective combination of the extracts of following herbs…

Tribulus terrestris, Alpinia galangal, Curculigo orchiodes; and Eugenia caryophyllata & Crocus sativus as full herb, which exhibit their strong collective aphrodisiac and fertility potentiating action.

Where Vigtab Plus works?

Impotence, loss of libido, oligo spermia and astheno spermia, neurasthenia, myalgia, fatigue and exhaustion.

How does Vigtab Plus work?

The furoctanol biglycosides in tribulus terrestris have been active in stimulating spermatogenesis and sertoli cell activiy in rats, oral application increased libido and sexual responses. Vigtab Plus stimulates sacrospinal errection center due to irritant stimulants i.e. Alpinia galangal, Eugenia caryophyllata and Crocus sativus. Abolishes neurasthenia due to Curculigo orchiodes.

What are unwanted effects of Vigtab Plus?

No side effects & adverse reactions are reported within therapeutic dose.

What amount to be taken?

One to two capsules twice daily. Vigtab Plus restores genital functions acting as a revitalizer, corrects seminal debility if used regularly for a month or so.

How supplied?

Vegetable capsules: 2 x 10 blister packs.


Always natural in Origin

Brick Laboratories Unani (Pvt) Ltd.

5-A Ahbab Colony, 12 km Multan Road, Lahore-Pakistan.

An ISO 9001, 14001, 22000 & Halal Certified Company

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Dimensions 13.5 × 2 × 9 cm
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