Brick Laboratories (Unani) was founded in 1978, by her founder Dr. Shuja Ullah, Who did his graduation in Pharmacy (B.Pharm.) in 1965 form one of the leading University of Pakistan. He worked for many reputable pharmaceuticals in the department of marketing & sales as well as in production. He felt after a wide experience of pharmaceutical marketing the need of phytopharmaceuticals (herbal drugs) for safe, effective & economical treatment of the sick humanity. He started manufacturing drugs from well documented, researched and clinically trialed medicinal herbs, which was for the first time in Pakistan, marketed strictly on ethical principal i.e. prescription sale only. It was a really difficult task to convince a qualified physician to prescribe a herbal drug But by the grace of Allah, all the technical material was presented in such a scientific way that a positive response was observed.

Developmental evolution of the events at Brick laboratories was as follows…

  • Vigtab forte tablets was the first product manufactured in 1978, and presented for sale in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
  • Colic syrup & drops was the second product manufactured in 1980.
  • Femina syrup was launched in 1983.
  • Pepcer syrup & tablets were marketed in 1985.
  • Balochistan was covered in 1986.
  • Garlicon (enteric coated) tablets come in existence in 1990.
  • Punjab was comprehensively marketed in 1990.
  • Belrina tablets were launched in 2002.
  • Y-Lin syrup was presented for sale in 2003.
  • Imunol syrup was developed in 2006.
  • Brick Laboratories was registered with Ministry of Health, Afghanistan in 2010.
  • Heptolic Capsules were launched in 2011.
  • Galcistic Capsules were marketed in 2014.

Today almost all of the prescribers are familiar and prescribing the phytopharmaceuticals of Brick Laboratories all over the Pakistan. Maximum prescribed, is the “Brick colic syrup & drops”, gaining maximum sales among the prescribed antispasmodic preparation.