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How To Use Garlic As Herbal Medicine

How To Use Garlic As Herbal Medicine

Since ancient times, people have praised garlic for its rich herbal medical properties, delectable flavor, and potent perfume. This article will examine how you can consume garlic to benefit from its therapeutic capabilities and advance general health.

Benefits of Using Garlic in Herbal Medicine

Let’s quickly touch on some of garlic’s many health advantages before getting into how to use it:

Garlic has inherent antibacterial and antiviral effects due to the presence of chemicals like allicin, which makes it useful against infections.

Cardiovascular Health: Consuming garlic regularly may help lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels and reduce heart disease risk.

Support for the Immune System: Garlic is well known for enhancing the body’s defenses against disease.

Anti-Inflammatory: Conditions like arthritis may benefit from garlic’s anti-inflammatory properties.

Digestive Health: Garlic promotes healthy digestion and might ease tummy aches.

How to Make Herbal Medicine with Garlic

Consuming raw garlic is the most effective approach to reap the rewards of its therapeutic characteristics. To release the allicin, crush or mince a garlic clove and leave it alone. You can eat it straight up or combine it with honey or yogurt to make it more delicious.

Garlic Infused Oil: Garlic-infused oil works well as a natural ear infection treatment or for soothing tight muscles. Smash a few garlic cloves and let them soak for several hours or overnight in heated oil.

Garlic Tea: Drinking garlic will strengthen your immune system and relieve a sore throat. Crush a clove of garlic, put it in boiling water, and let it steep for a few minutes to make it. Lemon and honey can be used to improve the flavor.

Garlic capsules or supplements: If the raw garlic flavor is too overpowering for you, consider taking garlic supplements, which are available as pills or capsules. Observe the label’s suggested dosing instructions.

Garlic Poultice: To make a garlic poultice, mash a few garlic cloves with a little warm water to form a paste. To treat an afflicted area, like a sore joint, apply the paste and then cover it with a cloth.


Due to its exceptional medicinal qualities, garlic is a common ingredient in traditional herbal medicine across the globe. Including garlic in your diet regularly can be a tasty method to enhance your general health and well-being.

Remember to talk to a doctor before consuming it raw, as a tea, or in supplement form, especially if you have particular medical needs or are taking medication. A helpful herbal medicine that is widely available and adaptable is garlic, which can help you improve your health.