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Y-LIN Syrup


What is Y-Lin?

A safe, effective, non-sedative, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory anti-tussive with demulcent properties.
Y-Lin is a beautifully designed combination of following therapeutically active, documented and trailed medicinal herbs. Viola odorata, Glycyrrhiza glabra, Emblica officinalis, Cichorium intybus, Terminalia chebula & Terminalia belerica.

Viola odorata the main ingredient of Y-Lin is al local Pakistani herb, native to Swat bearing violet flowers. It has been used since long for its definite anti inflammatory, anti tussive and demulcent properties.

Where Y-Lin works?

Inflammatory and congestive respiratory conditions, allergic and dry cough, sore throat, catarrh and hoarseness of voice.

How does Y-Lin work?

Viola odorata consists mainly saponins, salicylates and flavonoids; the salicylate provides the plant with a clear basis for its anti-inflammatory action, and this is possibly augmented by the saponin components; the latter also accounts for its expectorant properties and with the flavonoids for its diuretic action. The alkaloid has been implicated as having hypotensive properties, a feature which may support the view that the plant is vasodilatory. Anit inflammatory, demulcent and anit-tussive properties of other ingredients is also clinically trialed.

What are unwanted effects of Y-Lin?

No side effects & adverse reactions are reported within therapeutic dose.

What amount to be taken?

Children: Up to 2 years ½ to 1 measuring spoonful thrice daily.
5-10 years, 1-2 measuring spoonful thrice daily
Adults: 3 measuring spoonfuls thrice daily.

How supplied?

Syrup: 100 ml bottle.


Always natural in Origin

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Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 12 cm

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