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What Is Unani Medicine And Surgery

What Is Unani Medicine And Surgery

Numerous antiquated healing techniques have endured the test of time in medicine. Unani medical and surgical practices are one such system. Unani medicine is a comprehensive method of healing that has a foundation in Greek antiquity and has been developed over time. It has a role in contemporary medicine. In this blog post, we’ll go into the history, tenets, and applicability of Unani medicine and surgery in the modern world.

Unani doctors use the following techniques to identify and treat diseases:

Physical examination: To evaluate a patient’s health, Unani doctors will check their tongue, pulse, and urine.

Taking a history entails asking the patient about their symptoms, diet, way of life, and medical background.

Herbal treatments: Unani doctors treat illnesses with a range of herbal treatments. Herbs are frequently combined to develop individualized treatment plans for every patient.

Diet and lifestyle adjustments: Unani doctors advise patients to make diet and lifestyle adjustments to enhance their health. This can entail adjusting their eating regimen, workout routine, and sleeping schedule.

Numerous ailments can be treated with Unani medicine, including:

digestion issues

respiratory difficulties

Skin problems

muscular-skeletal issues

neurological conditions

Behavioral health issues

Obstetrical issues

issues with children

The surgical treatment of ailments is the focus of Unani surgery, a subspecialty of medicine. Unani surgeons employ various surgical procedures, including conventional and contemporary approaches.

Advantages of unorthodox treatment and surgery

Unani surgery and medicine provide a lot of advantages, such as:

Holistic approach:Unani medicine adopts a holistic approach to health, addressing the underlying causes of illness instead of only treating the symptoms.

Customized treatment:Treatment programs are made specifically for each patient based on their needs and constitution using unani medicine.

Safe and efficient: For thousands of years, Unani medicine has been used to safely and efficiently treat a wide range of illnesses.

Affordable: In general, Unani medicine is less expensive than Western medicine.


Unani medicine and surgery are living traditions that have developed to meet modern medical requirements, not just archaic artifacts from the past. Unani medicine and surgery continue to significantly contribute to the healthcare field thanks to its holistic approach, focus on natural cures, and incorporation of contemporary surgical procedures. Unani medicine is a monument to the timeless knowledge of ancient healing traditions, whether you’re looking for alternative therapies or want to investigate a holistic approach to health.