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What Is Unani System Of Medicine

What Is Unani System Of Medicine

Unani medicine, sometimes called Yunani or Greco-Arabic medicine, is a traditional, all-encompassing medical system that originates in the wisdom of Greek doctors such as Hippocrates and Galen. This age-old medical system incorporates Islamic, Greek, Roman, and Persian medicine components. It has developed over many centuries. This blog article will examine the tenets, methods, and applicability of Unani medicine in the contemporary era.

Holistic Medicine: Unani Method

Unani Medicine Principles:

The foundation of Unani medicine is the idea of maintaining equilibrium among the body’s four senses of humor: blood (dam), phlegm (Brigham), black bile (Sauda), and yellow bile (Safra). Illness is viewed as an imbalance, and health is the balance of these humors.

The Four Differencencies:

People believe each person has a distinct temperament based on the most prevalent humor. These temperaments are choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic, and melancholy.

Healing Naturally:

Natural medicines, including herbs, minerals, and animal products, restore balance and encourage healing, which unani medicine emphasizes.

Personalised Attention:

Unani doctors tailor their patients’ therapies according to their illness type and the patient’s character.

Unani Medicine Treatment Modalities

Dietotherapy (Ilaj-bil-Ghiza):

Nutrition and diet are significant in preventing disease and promoting health in unani medicine. Based on a person’s temperament and health, dietary recommendations are given.

Regional Therapy: Ilj-bil-Tadbeer:

To help the body regain equilibrium, therapies like cupping (Hijama), massage (Dalk), and detoxification methods are used.


Unani pharmacotherapy uses natural materials, such as minerals and herbs, to manufacture ‘Khamira’ and maroon’ medicines customized to each patient’s needs.

Unani Medicine’s Significance in the Present

Using a Holistic Approach:

 The emphasis on holistic healing in Unani medicine, which considers one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being, aligns with contemporary integrative medical techniques.

Natural Solutions:

 Unani Medicine has much to offer regarding expertise regarding natural and herbal therapies.

History of Culture:

Unani medicine continues to be practiced alongside modern medicine and is a part of the cultural history of many nations, including Pakistan and India.


With its historical foundations and all-encompassing approach to healthcare, Unani medicine presents a distinctive viewpoint on recovery and well-being. Even if it might not be the primary medical system in many regions of the world, it is nevertheless regarded as essential today. Its emphasis on personalized care, all-natural cures, and the harmony of humor might enhance contemporary medical procedures and offer insightful information on holistic wellness.

Unani medicine is proof of the wisdom that has persisted through the ages in traditional therapeutic practices and the possibility of fusing them with contemporary medical methods. In our quest for a well-rounded and balanced existence, the holistic tenets of Unani medicine hold significant value in today’s society.